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ECHO- Human Resource Focal Point (HRFP) (Group II) (JORDAN)

FullTime Jordan, Amman Posted 30/06/2023, 1 year ago

Industry: International Humanitarian Organization

Role: Human Resource

Salary Range: Monthly basic salary is on average approximately JOD 1,931

Closing: 22/07/2023




ECHO Office in Jordan- Amman

The European Commission’s Directorate General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) funds relief operations for victims of natural disasters and conflicts outside the European Union. ECHO works with about 200 operational partners, including United Nations agencies, the Red Cross/Crescent movement, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Aid is channeled impartially, straight to victims, regardless of their race, ethnic group, religion, gender, age, nationality, or political affiliation.

ECHO is recruiting One National Staff to be based in Amman as a Human Resource Focal Point.

1. Duties & Responsibilities

Within the limits of the delegated authority, the Human Resource Focal Point (Group II) is responsible for the following tasks: -

Human resources management

  • He/she is part of a team in charge of the management of human resources, providing support for the offices of the coverage area of the regional office;
  • He/she shall ensure the implementation of the working methods of the organisation in the field of human resource management by supporting and coordinating any action in this area, in connection with relevant stakeholders;
  • He/she collects the labour codes applicable in the different countries of its area of responsibility in helping to sustain conditions of employment respecting the local laws;
  • He/she shall assess the compliance of the documents relating to the employment conditions in the framework documents laying down the policy of DG ECHO’s human resources management;
  • He/she ensures the consistency in the application of rules and procedures of national staff DG ECHO human resources management in its area of responsibility;
  • He/she shall advise DG ECHO as regards employment conditions, duties and responsibilities, rights and privileges in the context of local employment legislation;
  • He/she provides support for regularly updating the organisation charts of the offices in their area of responsibility;
  • He/she is the point of entry in cases of conflict/differences between colleagues within their area of responsibility. He/she will inform his/her immediate supervisor (AC) and DG ECHO HQ to put in place the appropriate follow-up and accompanying measures;
  • He/she is involved in the medical files (request for reimbursement, specific interventions, etc.) in accordance with the provisions of HQ;
  • He/she shall prepare or verifies, on demand, all requests relating to personnel matters (advance on salary, unpaid leave, etc.).


  • On the basis of standard terms of reference, in consultation with the various actors concerned, he/she contributes to the most appropriate terms of reference for posts;
  • He/she supervises the whole recruitment process in accordance with the procedures in place. As such, he/she forms part of the selection board where possible;
  • He/she shall prepare the recruitment and selection report summarising the whole process and the recommendation for recruitment. He/she will retain the shortlist, curriculum vitae, written tests, etc. ensuring the required confidentiality;
  • He/she shall compile or verify the ARA (Administrative Requests for Authorisation) concerning publication of the post(s) as well as for the renewal of national staff.


  • He/she shall supervise the achievement of an updated version of the “welcome pack” for staff newly recruited  (national and international);
  • He/she carries out training, information and integration of newly recruited staff;
  • He/she acts as a contact point for training applications (applications, authorisations, review, catalogues and collection of certificates). He/she shall update the database containing the list of the training requests and the training courses followed for each member of staff within their area of responsibility;
  • He/she shall collate the assessments drawn up by the participants of these courses and makes recommendations to improve the content or to recommend a provider;
  • He/she carries out the analysis of training needs in their area of responsibility and is considering to develop a catalogue of training courses adapted to the requirements for their analysis and final approval by headquarters;
  • He/she shall take part in the development and implementation of training strategies;
  • He/she shall cooperate to the production of documents and training materials;
  • He/she supports the DG ECHO staff in the context of the annual appraisal exercise;
  • He/she shall contribute to the establishment of budgets and their review for the budget headings relating to the training of the various offices of its area of responsibility.


  • He/she shall prepare/verify work contracts;
  • He/she maintains the personnel files for national staff;
  • He/she monitors the probationary period applicable to national staff and the evaluations related to it;
  • He/she acts as a contact point with DG ECHO HQ for the mission insurance and life insurance in its area of responsibility;
  • He/she acts as the focal point for inquiries relating to medical coverage (explanations of the general conditions, contact the insurance in the event of a dispute); If necessary, he/she shall contribute to the preparation of the tender documents and the ARAs in relation to sickness insurance; he/she coordinates the annual medical check-up, monitors the results and informs Headquarters;
  • He/she ensures the follow-up of the presence of DG ECHO personnel and their rights (leave, special leave, sick leave);
  • He/she shall ensure that the justifications for the allowances and other benefits are submitted within the deadlines set.


  • He/she shall coordinate, with the various stakeholders, the annual appraisal exercise (pre-completed forms, explanation of rules and procedures, etc.);
  • He/she assists the HoO, national staff and their immediate superior in the evaluation process: understanding and use of the appraisal system, the pre-completed forms, the evaluation cycle, etc.;
  • He/she contributes to the supervision of the evaluation exercise. In particular, he/she will assist the HoO in organising assessments for all the national team in accordance with instructions from HQ;
  • He/she participates in the preparation of documentation necessary for the dissemination to various stakeholders (HoO, national staff, direct supervisors, contributors, etc.);
  • He/she answers questions from staff on self-assessment, the evaluation process and HR policy by e-mail, telephone or in person;
  • He/she will assist the HoO in the collection and monitoring of recommendations and conclusions set out in the staff appraisal forms, on the proposals of potential training activities and the objectives to be achieved during the year.

International staff

  • He/she shall update the local personal files (in close coordination with the person in charge of protocol, logistics);
  • He/she shall draw up the administrative applications relating to international staff if necessary;
  • He/she coordinates the end-of-posting formalities.

General administration

  • He/she shall ensure the update of the office records concerning HR and anticipates, where appropriate, the measures to be taken (renewal of contract);
  • Upon request, he/she shall check whether the ARAs are properly drafted and contain all the explanations and supporting documents;
  • He/she writes notes for the regional office and offices within its area of responsibility, inter alia in the following areas: administration, management of the office, events, ARAs related to human resources, monthly report(s), etc.;
  • He/she shall update the administrative files with the necessary confidentiality.

2. Required Qualifications


  • A relevant first level university degree or equivalent professional experience.

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant professional experience at national or international level in the area of human resources.
  • Experience in General Administration and Finance is an advantage, as well as experience in preparing activity reports on regular frequency for the management,
  • Experience in the management of files with a complex organizational dimension.
  • Experience in a non-governmental organization or an international organization is an advantage.
  • Very good drafting skills.
  • Experience in the use of computers and office automation software (MS Word, Excel, etc.).


  • An excellent command of English (written and oral).
  • A working knowledge of Arabic is essential.

3. Required Skills

  • Impeccable conduct in service: High level
  • Drive for results: High level
  • Communication skills: Medium level
  • Capacity to work with others: High level
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Medium level
  • Leadership skills: Medium level

4. How to apply

This is a local position opened to nationals and other residents of Amman with valid work and residence permits. DG ECHO applies a policy of equal opportunities. Our recruitment policy is based on respect for diversity, maintaining the gender balance, as well as the balance between professional and private life, and support for training and developments opportunities.

The contract is initially for one year with the possibility of renewal subject to a 3 months’ probationary period. As an indication, the monthly basic salary is on average approximately JOD 1,931 which corresponds to 5 years’ relevant work experience. The salary will be adapted according to the exact duration of relevant professional experience supported by a work certificate. In addition to this, the employee will also receive other allowances and benefit.

Shortlisted candidates will have to bring the full supporting documentation in original with them during the testing or interview stage in addition to references (including contact details of the HR department and the supervisor) that can be consulted by ECHO. At least one of the references has to include a recent employer.

Interested candidates MUST submit a cover letter, a detailed CV (EUROPASS), academic and employment certificates. Documents should be uploaded through 22/07/2023 midnight Local Time Amman at the latest. The vacancy reference must be clearly indicated in the subject line.

The EUROPASS application and detailed Terms of Reference are available on the EU Delegation’s website of 05/07/2023.

Only the short-listed candidates will be contacted. Candidates who will not have been contacted by 22/09/2023 should consider that they have not been selected.

The national staff members observe the NS Code of Conduct as published on

Any processing of your personal data will be done in accordance with the applicable EU legislation (Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data. The privacy statement can be found on ECHO website.

Any form of canvassing, soliciting or influencing will be treated as grounds for disqualification.



The Authority Authorised to Conclude Contracts (AACC) reserves itself the right to amend the job requirements in line with the local labour market conditions.

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