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ECHO - Administrative Assistant (Group IV)

FullTime Sudan, Khartoum Posted 13/04/2022, 1 year ago

Industry: Humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization(NGO)

Role: Administrative

Salary Range: Confidential

Closing: 15/05/2022


  1.  Job summary:  
  The jobholder supports the work of Administration and Finance team and/or ensures receptionist functions in the Office.        
  2.  Responsibilities & Tasks:  
    Within delegated authority, the Administrative Assistant (Group IV) will be responsible for the following tasks:
 HR & Administrative Support
·   Support in preparation of contracts including all supporting documents and maintain various records;
·   Assists in managing administration and finance operational tasks, as appropriate;
·   Follows-up staff planning table (staff annual leave, sickness, unjustified absences, training) and prepares monthly report;
·   Maintains an overview of expatriate staff’s visa and residence permit situation, and makes necessary applications;
·   Follows-up all protocol issues (visa request, travel permits, stay permits, car registration, etc.) in liaison with the EU Delegation;
·   Backs-up the administration support in case of absence with respect to basic financial and human resources tasks.  
 Secretarial   duties
·   Follows and registers incoming correspondence and communications from the team members. Ensures that replies are sent in a timely manner. Keeps record of all mail sent and all documents given for signature and/or  information to the EU Delegation;
·   Drafts standard and administrative correspondence. Corrects written materials prepared by other staff members as regards format and spelling. Photocopies and collates documents as requested;
·   Creates and maintains the filing and reference systems in conformity with the criteria applicable under various procedures;
·   Ensures efficient and effective internal and external communication;
·   Provides assistance with respect to scheduling of meetings;
·   Maintains the stock, distributes stationery supplies, and updates the stock cards, as appropriate.

 Specific duties for   the senior level Administrative Assistant
·   Identifies complex, urgent or sensitive information for special treatment;
·   Generates a variety of reports and statistical tables to support the other team members;
      ·   Briefs and trains new staff, gives guidance to other secretaries on office procedures and coordinates the secretarial services of the office.
 Front-desk service and telephone communications services
·   Monitors all visitors to the office, issues identification cards to them, and directs them to the relevant staff/meeting room as appropriate;
·   Manages and operates the central switchboard, answering telephone, responds to routing requests for information;
·   Transmits messages and checks the fax machine frequently;
·   Receives, registers and dispatches all office communication by e-mail, fax, post, diplomatic pouch, express airmail and telephone;
·   Assists in preparation for meetings. Manages the meeting/conference room bookings;
·   Updates office staff contact list on regular basis and circulates amongst all staff;
·   Keeps list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of government officials, members of diplomatic missions, operational partners and suppliers.

 Specific duties for the senior level Administrative Assistant
      ·   Manages and plans the front-desk coverage;
      ·   Monitors driver’s movements.
 General  Administration Support
·   Provides administrative support with accuracy and consistency;
·   Plays the focal role for the mission of all staff and leave requests;
·   Facilitates travel arrangements for both the national and expatriate staff of the office by assisting in preparing all travel arrangements, travel requests, and assists in the preparation of security clearances;
·   Arranges hotel accommodation and other mission needs for visitors;
·   Maintains field trips schedule for DG ECHO staff working in the country/region;
·   Organises and maintains a filing system for the secretarial related files;
·   Translates and interprets, as appropriate.

 Specific duties for the senior level Administrative Assistant
      ·   Directs and coordinates the support services in the office, including coordinating with suppliers.
 Office specific responsibilities/tasks:
·   Follows-up the work of general services and maintenance agents;
·   Monitors delivery of services by external contractors;
·   Manages office stationery stock and non-ICT (Information and Communication Technology) pool equipment;
·   Provides support to check the good condition of the property owned by DG ECHO;
·   Supports in the annual physical inventory verification by conducting fixed assets physical count;
·   supports the preparation of inventory reports;
·   Labels assets and establishes ID forms
·   Undertakes any additional tasks as assigned by the HoO/RO (Regional Office) and/or Headquarters.
  3. Competencies required:
      ·   Drive for Results: Medium Level            
      ·   Conduct in Service: Medium Level                      
      ·   Working with Others: Medium Level      
      ·   Decision-making: Basic Level      
      ·   Managing and Organising Information: Basic Level
      ·   Strategic Thinking and Planning: Basic Level
      ·   Communication: Medium Level  
      ·   Organizational Awareness: Medium Level
      ·   Adaptability and Flexibility: Medium Level
      ·   Leadership: Basic Level
 The definition of each competency and examples of behaviours expected for each level are listed in annex.
  4. Job Requirements:
      ·   Secondary education or equivalent commercial school/minimum Secretarial Diploma.
 Knowledge and Experience
·   Minimum 3 years of relevant experience;
·   Good drafting skills;
·   Good communication skills;
·   Ability to work in a multicultural environment;
·   Capacity to work in a multitasking position;
·   Previous experience in a Governmental or other International Organization is an   advantage;
·   Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.).
      ·   Fluency in English (verbal & writing);
      ·   An excellent knowledge of Arabic is mandatory.


The Authority Authorised to Conclude Contracts (AACC) reserves itself the right to amend the job requirements in line with the local labour market conditions.

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