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Security Advisor

FullTime Kenya, Nairobi Posted 27/04/2023, 1 year ago

Industry: Manufacturing

Role: Security, Safety & Compliance

Salary Range: Confidential

Closing: 10/05/2023

Client: Confidential

Position: Security Advisor

Industry: Manufacturing

Reports to: Human Resources Manager

Location: Nairobi


Our client in manufacturing industry, is seeking to recruit a Security Advisor. Successful candidate will be responsible for working in conjunction with the human resources department to provide safety consultation and services to the entire workforce. The position is responsible for safeguarding employees, Expatriates and the physical work area from any physical threats. Technological threats must also be identified and combatted, and the Security Advisor will be responsible for implementing effective systems to protect proprietary information, company data and general interactions of employees.

Main accountabilities and Responsibilities

  • Perform controls aimed at achieving security objectives, providing specialized support to the employer when preparing annual and four-year plans.
  • Provide specialized contributions to the employer when evaluating security risks.
  • Manage security risks, laws and company regulations are applied at all times.
  • Involve, in the event of a second level emergency , the business area security functions and , in any emergency or security crisis, immediately report a description of the events and solutions adopted to the business area and central security functions providing prompt and constant reporting to the employer;
  • Guarantee specialized support to the employer when defining the security plan for managing security risks for the assets.
  • With specific reference to business intelligence, collect and analyze information in order to support the company’s decision making process in order to defend people, eni’s tangible and intangible assets and, where this is defined by specific regulations of the Country where the company carries out its activities, to safeguard the national interest;
  • Ensure, for the purposes related to managing company security, the maintenance of relations with local public authorities.
  • Provide support to the employer when analyzing the risk of infiltration by organized crime.
  • Carry out, in compliance with privacy regulations and so as not to interfere with work and together with the central security function, internal or external checks, where necessary, for defending the company’s rights and in compliance with regulations, both internal and external, ensuring the involvement of eni’s specialized functions;
  • With reference to the monitoring of Security services and events, inform the employer and the central and business area security functions on every event that is relevant to security that occurred within the area in question or in the pertinent productive units/organizational structures- including human rights violations-in accordance with procedures established in eni’s regulations;
  • Ensure that information regarding monitored activities is sent to central and business area security functions.
  • Check internal security audit results carried out for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the security management systems implemented locally.
  • Intervene promptly when a dangerous situation arises that threatens the safety of employees, contractors and third parties as well as protecting the asset and eni’s reputation, ensuring timely reporting to the employer and adopting the most suitable provisions to mitigate subsequent risks.
  • Implement, in agreement with the employer or autonomously in case of urgency, all actions that will prevent any security risk to employees, third parties, the environment and public safety- that arises from the performance of activities- from worsening.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Technical Education (degree preferred)
  • Preferred previous experience in Security Operations

Professional skills

 Knowledge of Country Security Operations and procedures.