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ECHO- Administrative and Financial Assistant (Group III)(Nigeria, Maiduguri)

FullTime Nigeria, Maiduguri Posted 3 weeks ago

Industry: Humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization(NGO)

Role: Administration and Finance

Salary Range: NGN 756,966.00

Closing: 28/11/2022




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Terms of Reference 
Administrative and Financial Assistant (Group III)

1. Job summary:  

The jobholder plans and executes all necessary office administrative and financial functions. The employee should carry out finance, accounting and administration duties, crisis support on finance and human resources and other related duties.  

2. Responsibilities & Tasks:  

Within delegated authority, the Administrative and Financial Assistant (Group III) will be responsible for the following tasks:

Budget & Finance

  • Prepares the annual budget and its amendments. Registers and updates the authorised budgets in the system;
  • Reviews and ensures eligibility and accuracy of invoices, debit notes, credit notes, missions advances, missions claims and other reimbursements requests received from internal and external parties;
  • Registers/creates orders in the Financial Report Management tool by ensuring the chronological receiving dates of invoices and receipts;
  • Creates payment/revenue records when payments become due by ensuring correctness of budgetary, non-budgetary and analytical codes. Reviews and ensures that required supporting evidences are attached to the payment/revenue orders before submitting to relevant financial actors as per the financial circuit;
  • Prepares bank and petty cash disbursements to DG ECHO staff and suppliers. Ensures that recipients acknowledge receipt of the payments and receipts are properly issued to DG ECHO;
  • Ensures that payment/revenue orders and all required supporting documents are properly filed;
  • Reviews the draft monthly financial reports before closure to ensure consistency and accuracy of financial transactions. Prepares adjustments transactions if needed. Performs bank and petty cash reconciliations and submits the data file before closing to the AC (Administrative Coordinator) for review;
  • Performs monthly financial closures and prepares reports as well as annexes as per DG ECHO procedures;
  • Reviews and ensures that all outstanding non-budgetary accounts are correctly brought forward from the previous months;
  • Follows-outstanding cash advances and mission claim regularisations;
  • Prepares the calculations and follow-up and collects cash from staff, within appropriate timeline, for private usages of telephone, fax, vehicle and airfare for the portion due by the staff in the case of mission combined with leave;
  • Calculates the allowance for arrival and departure temporary accommodation for TAs (Technical Assistants);
  • Conducts cash count at least once a week to reconcile cash balance;
  • Prepares and monitors on weekly basis the monthly cash position and forecast reports. Ensures sufficient level of funds in bank accounts and petty cash box to meet payment obligations;
  • Maintains the petty cash boxes, cheque books and ensures security precautions;
  • Ensures that bank account statements are updated and accounts replenished. Monitors bank accounts and maintains bank documentation;
  • Maintains the budget forecast tool;
  • Checks the calculation of medical reimbursement and proceeds with the payment;
  • Manages financial records/reports archive.

Specific duties for the senior level Administrative and Financial Assistant

  • Controls and verifies the payments/transfers preparation and execution;
  • Assists and verifies the monthly follow up of the office and TA's budgets updates;
  • Provides training and coaching newly recruited staff working on budget & finance.

Human Resources Management

  • Assists in the recruitment process from publication of vacancies till signature of employment contract;
  • Prepares employment contracts of locally contracted personnel;
  • Carries out payment of salaries and overtime to all DG ECHO locally contracted personnel;
  • Maintains an overview of expatriate staff’s visa and residence permit situation, and makes necessary applications;
  • Maintains national personnel files, follows-up employment contracts amendments and termination of employment contracts;
  • Prepares monthly salaries list/salary slips;
  • Follows-up staff planning table (staff annual leave, sickness, unjustified absences, training) and prepares monthly report;
  • Follows-up Medical/Accident insurance;
  • Carries out the training, briefing and welcoming of newly recruited personnel.

Specific duties for the senior level Administrative and Financial Assistant

  • Provides advice with respect to conditions of service, duties and responsibilities, and privileges and entitlements under the Staff Rules;  
  • Implements and monitors compliance with HR policies;
  • Assists in the recruitment process from publication of vacancies until signature of employment contract.

General Administration Support

  • Drafts administrative and financial notes on administration, office management, events, ARA (Administrative Request for Authorisation), monthly report/s, etc.;
  • Updates Fiche Bureau and checks if proper actions are taken in order to renew contracts;
  • Informs the HoO, or AC, as appropriate, of irregularities with financial, administrative, personnel or logistic matters that require immediate attention;
  • Plays an active role in procurement of administrative property and various kinds of expendable supplies necessary for the smooth functioning of DG ECHO offices within the said area by foreseeing needs and proposing solutions;
  • Maintains records and files of lease, service, maintenance and insurance contracts, follows-up lease contracts and service contracts;
  • Manages vehicle taxes and insurance;
  • Ensures timely provision of goods and services for office and projects following established procedures;
  • Coordinates exemption requests/approvals and ensures compliance of suppliers and follows-up VAT reimbursements status with the EU Delegation;
  • Maintains the electronic filing structure, in liaison with IT Coordinator for arranging file permission (read and write) and structure revision (new folder/s);
  • Maintains and updates administrative and financial files with necessary confidentiality where required;
  • Maintains appropriate contacts with government offices and officials of various local organisations as necessary to ensure the correct execution of the administrative and financial duties;
  • Maintains the missions follow-up table;
  • Deals with travel arrangements for the office personnel;
  • Translates financial documents (invoices, contracts, etc.) and operational documents, as appropriate, and maintains complete files.

Specific duties for the senior level Administrative and Financial Assistant:

  • Supervises, monitors and reports on the implementation of support services;
  • Provides advice on appropriate contract modalities;
  • Follows-up local legislation.

Office specific responsibilities/tasks:

(When applicable)

Undertakes any additional tasks as assigned by the HoO/RO and/or Headquarters.

3. Competencies required:

  • Drive for Results: Medium Level          
  • Conduct in Service: Medium Level                  
  • Working with Others: Medium Level  
  • Decision-making: Basic Level    
  • Managing and Organising Information: Basic Level
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning: Basic Level
  • Communication: Medium Level          
  • Organisational Awareness: Medium Level
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Medium Level
  • Leadership: Basic Level

4. Job Requirements:


  • A relevant first level university degree or equivalent professional experience.

Knowledge and Experience

  • Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience at national or international level in the area of administration or programme support service including experience in procurement, human resources and finances;
  • Previous experience in a Governmental or other International Organisation is an advantage;
  • Very Good drafting skills;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Capable of working under pressure in a multitasking position;
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment;
  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc).
  • Languages
  • Fluency in English (verbal & writing);

5. How to apply

Applications including a cover letter, a detailed CV, a copy of education certificate/degree and a copy of relevant employment certificates should be sent to through the following system: 28/11/2022.This position is open to nationals and other residents of Nigeria with a valid work and residence permits. DG ECHO applies a policy of equal opportunities. Our recruitment policy is based on respect for diversity, maintaining the gender balance, as well as the balance between professional and private life, and support for training and developments opportunities. Based on the above and with a view to ensure the gender balance within the team, female candidates are encouraged to apply. Similarly at equal merit between two final candidates, female candidates will be given priority

For information, the employment conditions that could be proposed includes an initial contract of one year with the possibility of renewal subject to a 3 months’ probationary period and after positive annual evaluation. As an indication, the monthly basic salary is NGN 756,966.00 which corresponds to the minimum required experience in the vacancy and will be adapted according to the exact duration of relevant professional experience supported by a work certificate.  The salary is subject to local taxes. In addition to this, the employee will also receive disability/retirement allowance, 13th month salary as well as a medical coverage.

ECHO employees observe the National Staff code of Conduct which is available on the link:

Only the short-listed candidates will be contacted. Candidates who will not have been contacted by 15/12/2022 should consider that they have not been selected.  Any form of canvassing, soliciting or influencing will be treated as grounds for disqualification.

“Any processing of your personal data will be done in accordance with the applicable EU legislation (Regulation (EU)2018/1725 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the  processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data.” The privacy statement can be found on ECHO website.


The Authority Authorised to Conclude Contracts (AACC) reserves itself the right to amend the job requirements in line with the local labour market conditions.

*To drop your application, click on 'Apply for this job', then register in our ATS system by filling in all the required details, uploading your documents and answering all the questions asked truthfully. Once done, click on 'submit' and you will receive a confirmation email.